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A major medical device manufacturing company has issued a recall of hip replacements.  DePuy  Orthopedics, a unit of Johnson & Johnson Company, manufactured certain hip replacement devices which are the subject of the recall.  Specifically, the DePuy hip recall affects patients who have been implanted with either the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular system, or the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System. The recalled hip replacement devices are made almost entirely of metal, and are often referred to as a metal on metal hip replacement devices  The metal-on-metal device was frequently recommended as an alternative to hip replacements using plastic parts.  Hip replacement devices made of plastic  commonly experienced wear of the plastic material which could lead to additional hip surgery.  Metal hip replacement was often recommended to younger hip replacement patients in the hope of avoiding future surgeries.  Approximately 93,000 DePuy devices which have been recalled were implanted in patients.  The all metal hip replacements, however, have failed in many instances.  Specific problems with the device include metal flaking causing small pieces of metal to become lodged in surrounding muscle resulting is death of muscle tissue.  Patients who experienced metallic flaking and associated loss of muscle typically reported continuing pain following hip replacement surgery.  Many patients who had recalled DePuy hip devices implanted, however, do not experience any pain, so it is important to contact a physician or surgeon if you determine that you received one of the recalled devices. Additionally, problems have been discovered with the metal socket into which the ball portion of the artificial hip was placed.  This metal socket piece frequently failed to fuse with surrounding hip bone.  The failure of surrounding bone to properly fuse with nearby healthy bone caused looseness in the hip joint.  Patients reported a sensation of instability in the affected joint.  This sensation has been linked to the failure of metal materials to properly bond with surrounding bone.  Corrective revision surgery is often required to treat patients with failed hips replacements, including the recalled DePuy hips.  If you have had hip replacement surgery, it is important that you determine if your device is the subject of a recall.  If so, a hip replacement lawyer may be able to assist you in recovering damages and the compensation you deserve which is related to the defective hip replacement devices.  Many states, including Massachusetts, limit the time within which a person who is injured may recover damages.  Thus, it is critical that any person suffering from a defective hip replacement contact their medical professional as soon as possible, and enlist the service of an attorney who is properly licensed and qualified to assist in recovering damages attributable to the defective hip replacement, including those manufactured and recalled by DePuy Orthopedics.